Playme Robot Lessons

Playme Robot Lessons

All the lessons of Playme robot from getting started to doing sensors programming.

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Basic Electronics


Breadboards are excellent tool for prototyping various electronics circuits. One can easily develop nice electronic circuit on breadboard for quick testing. The details of breadboarding technique are listed here with nice pictures


LEDs are nice tiny electronic components that can emit light. Learn how to use LED’s in your circuit safely


All Electronics Circuits needs Batteries as their portable power source. Learn More about batteries in detail.


Resistors are used to resist the current flow. We use resistor in almost all the types of circuits to resist electric current and see some interesting effects. Here you can find all the required basics of resistance and resistors

Voltage Current and Resistance

Electricity, voltage, current and Resistance Electricity, this is the first thing to study in electrical or electronics study. Electricity. When beginning to explore the world of electricity and electronics, it is important to start by understanding the basics of...

Power Supply

What is DC Power Supply? All circuits and gadgets and everything that is running on Electrical energy requires some particular Voltage and Current. There are 2 type of electrical powers available, called AC Supply and DC Supply. AC Supply is the one which is available...

Arduino and Microcontrollers