Playme Robot Lessons

Playme Robot Lessons

All the lessons of Playme robot from getting started to doing sensors programming.

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Basic Electronics


Digital Multimeter is the most handy tool for testing and measurement of electronic circuits. With multimeters, you can read voltage, current, resistance and continuity which helps in circuit building. Lear how to use this wonderful gadget!!!


This is a complete beginners tutorial for transistors. No complex technical in included, just simple working. Transistors are great tiny electronic components. The use of transistors is still very simple. In this tutorial we discuss about the working of common types of transistors.


Speak about speakers. Speakers are a way of reproducing audio and we use them in everyday life. Know about speaker working, and some basics

Arduino and Microcontrollers

Arduino LED Shield Sample Codes

  LED BLINK PROGRAM :- This tutorial is all about LED Blinking program and it's logic ,To execute this program we need LED's Microcontroller board Power Supply and proper program downloading S/W along with It's required accessories .In this program we will use 8 led...