This project is a simple temperature controller using Arduino and Temperature sensor LM35. Arduino is interfaced to LM35 temperature sensor and LCD. Arduino Continuously monitors the temperature and if it goes above a set point, then turns ON an LED, if temperature is below set point, LED turns OFF. We have given set point in software

Components Required

  • 1 x Arduino Board with USB Cable
  • 1 x LM35
  • 1 x Breadboard
  • 1 x Liquid Crystal Display
  • 1 x 1k Resistors and 39 Ohm Resistors
  • Breadboard connecting wires

Arduino Schematic:

Assemble the circuit as shown in the above diagram. The program for Arduino is mentioned below. Please check the connections twice before you give power to the circuit. Paste below code in arduino and upload it to the board


 Working Video of this Project