This tutorial is all about LED Blinking program and it’s logic ,To execute this program we need LED’s Microcontroller board Power Supply and proper program downloading S/W along with It’s required accessories .In this program we will use 8 led to perform this task . Here Led’s are connected to digital pin 2 up to digital pin 9.


Here is the program of LED Blinking:-



In this program we are making LED’s on by operating switches manually ,If a particular switch is pressed it will turn on respective LED associated with respective switch . in this program we are using 4 switches and 4 led’s .



Here is the program of LED AND SWITCH PROGRAM :-

TONE Generation  PROGRAM :-

This program is used to turn on as well as off a sound generating device called as Buzzer for fixed duration of time, Here one pin of buzzer is connected to Arduino pin and another pin is connected to supply .


Here is the program of Tone Generating :-



This program is used to display distance between sensor and obstacle ,to achieve this we are using ultra sonic sensor which can detect presence of obstacle as well as displays distance of obstacle from sensor .The result will be displayed on serial monitor window .


Here is the program of distance  measurement using

Ultrasonic Sensor :-