In this Circuit, we will connect two Light Emitting Diodes in Parallel. Parallel means Voltage through each LED is same but the Current flowing through both LEDs will be different.

Circuit Diagram:

Components Required:

  • Light Emitting Diodes : LED1 and LED2
  • Resistor: R1 =100 Ohm
  • Color Code for R1: Brown-Black-Brown-Golden
  • Battery: 9 Volts

Steps for Circuit Design:

Step 1:

Connect LED1 on Bread Board. Connect Anode and Cathode of LED1 on Bread Board as shown in picture.

Step 2:

Connect LED2 on Bread Board.

Step 3:

Connect one end of wire to the Cathode of LED1 and another end of wire to the Cathode of LED2.

Step 4:

Connect resistor R1 of 100 Ohm on the Bread Board.

Step 5:

Connect one wire between CathodeĀ  of LED1 and Resistor R1. Connect Battery to the circuit.