This circuit is used to generate Tone/Sound which is similar to sound generated by Machine Gun. Here IC 555 is used for tone Generation,which is in  its Astable mode of operation. For tone generation it uses different Electronics Components like Resistors, Capacitors, Speaker etc.

The main function of IC 555 is time Delay Generation. It generates continuous  tone after certain interval of time. It is nothing but a delay generated by IC itself with the help of resistor and capacitor. Here Speaker is a Output Device which used to listen sound of Machine Gun.

Circuit Diagram:


Component Values:

  • Resistor: R1= 33kilo ohm
  • Color code for 1 Kilo Ohm:Orange-Orange-Orange-Golden
  • R2=100 Kilo Ohm
  • Color code for 1 Kilo Ohm: Brown-Black-Yellow-Golden
  • Electrolyte Capacitor:
  • C1=100uF
  • C2,C3=10uF
  • Ceramic Capacitor: C4, C5=103(0.01 uF)
  • Transistor: Q1= BC557
  • IC1= IC 555
  • Speaker
  • Battery: 9 Volts

Steps :

Follow given steps to achieve desired output.

Step 1:

Mount IC 555 on Bread Board.

Step 2:

Allot some horizontal slots of bread board for supply connections VCC and Ground. Red wire is for VCC and Black wire is for Ground.

Step 3:

Short pins 2 and 6 with the help of wire to form Astable mode of operation.

Step 4:

Short pin 8 and 4 of IC 555 with the help of red wire as shown in image

Step 5:

Connect Resistor R1 of 33 Kilo Ohm to pin 3 i.e OUTPUT pin of IC.

Step 6:

Connect second terminal of Resistor R1 to pin 2 of IC with the help of wire.


Step 7:

Connect Ceramic Capacitor C5 of 0.01uF(103) between pin 2 and Ground terminal.

Step 8:

Connect Ceramic capacitor C2 0f 0.01uF(103)to pin 5 of IC as shown in image.

Step 9:

Mount P-N-P transistor BC 557 on bread board. Its left most terminal is Collector, middle one is Base & right most is Emitter.

Step 10:

Connect Collector of transistor to pin 8 of IC through Purple color wire and Emitter to VCC through Red wire.

Step 11:

Connect Resistor R2 of 100 Kilo Ohm to the base of transistor.

Step 12:

Connect second terminal of R2 to ground via Black wire.

Step 13:

Mount Capacitor C3 of 10uF on Bread Board.

Step 14:

Connect positive terminal of C3 to Base of transistor with the help of yellow wire.

Step 15:

Mount Capacitor C4 of 10uF on Bread Board.

Step 16:

Connect Positive terminal of C4 to Negative terminal of C3 and Negative terminal of C4 to pin 3 of IC.

Step 17:

Connect Ceramic Capacitor C1 of 100uF between collector and Emitter terminal of Transistor for proper working of circuit. Connect Negative terminal of C1 to Emitter and Positive terminal to Collector terminal of BC557.

Step 18:

Mount speaker on Bread Board.

Step 19:

Connect Red wire of Speaker to VCC supply and another wire to pin 3 of IC 555.

Step 20:

Connect battery of 9v to the Bread Board as shown in image. After completion of this step the circuit will produce sound similar to machine gun.