In this lesson we will learn a new and different circuit having some new component inside it. This  circuit  consists of Switch, Led , Resistor and Supply. In  previous circuit, we turn ON led with the help of resistor and supply provided by battery of 9 Volts. In this we will do the same thing  slightly in different manner. In that circuit there was no control while turning ON led. Led was ON till the supply was not disconnected. In this circuit, we will turn ON and OFF the led by pressing the switch connected to the circuit.

Circuit Diagram:


Components Required:

  • Light Emitting Diode : LED1
  • Tactile Switch             : SW1
  • Resistor                       : R1 =100 Ohm
  • Color Code for R1: Brown-Black-Brown-Golden
  • Battery : 9 Volts


Circuit Building Steps:

Step 1 :

Take a Bread Board and connect Tactile Switch SW1 on it as shown in image.

It is a two pin switch. Insert both the terminals on bread board . It does not have the predefined polarity. We can connect any terminal to any supply terminal.

Step 2:

Insert Led on the Bread Board. Connect Anode terminal and Cathode terminal of Led according to the diagram.


 Step 3 :

Connect Anode i.e Positive terminal Of Led to the one of the terminal of Tactile Switch. It is indicated in picture by Green Wire.

Step 4 :

Connect second terminal of Switch on Bread Board.


Step 5 :

Now connect resistor in the circuit for Led to limit current flowing through it. The value of Led is 100 Ohm and it is connected to the Cathode terminal of Led.

Step 6 :

Connect second terminal of led to Ground through a wire.


Step 7 :

After connecting all the components connect battery terminals to the Bread Board.


Press the Switch and observe the output. When switch is pressed LED will be turn ON and when switch is released LED will be OFF.