Vidya Robotics has distributed coupons to all the campus club members who can avail a free 1 hour workshop on Robotics every Saturday.

This is not just a demo but a complete hands on workshop which every student having campus club coupons can attend. While robotics is for everyone, we conduct these sessions for students who are studying in 5th std and above.

Last Saturday we had few students who attended this workshop and they performed programming the Playme Robot. Here are few pics of the same program

Student, downloading code from pc to Robot

These students performed below activities on Robot by learning coding

  • Blinking LED’s on robot with programmed delay
  • Robot Movement, making robot move forward and reverse, and stop
  • Used the Tri-color LED’s on the Robot and tried creating Magenta colour by combining the color combinations
  • Used onboard switch and learnt how to turn on LED’s and robot movement when the switch is pressed

Overall the kids were very happy to learn and experiment new things, we at Vidya Robotics are committed to build the coding skills among the younger ones.

So if you’ve a younger one (son/brother/sister) you can send him to Vidya Robotics on any Saturday.s