Vidya Robotics conducted a Robotics workshop for school Kids at Pune on 1st September-2018 at Spacers, Pune.

Last Saturday, our team visited Pune for a One-Day Robotics Workshop. We had about 20 students for the robotics session, all students belong to 6th / 7th  std. Though they are studying in 6th std, they are as much curious and as much enthusiast for Session like anyone else. In this session students had some hands-on learning experience on Robotics and programming using our robot Playme

The most fascinating thing for students to do with Playme was to program the bot as a Light following Robot, with help of Block based programming using mBlock they created a program in which robot can detect light fallen onto it by using its built-in LDR Sensor. (Light Dependent Resistor)

The session was conducted for 2 hours and those 2 hours weren’t enough for students, as they wanted some more time for experimenting with programming and Robotics. This is the beauty of Robotics and programming that as much you get involved and learn about it you always want more. Kids got much more curious about technology and coding in this session.

Here are some pics from the session Pune Workshop

Pune Workshop blog

Pune Workshop Playme Blog

Pune Workshop Playme Blog

Students performed these activities and tasks with Robot

  • Changed the Light color of Robot’s Tri-color LED, RED, GREEN, MAGENTA, CYAN
  • Created a Remote control Robot with robot movement and sound generation using a simple TV Remote
  • Light follower Robot with LDR sensor interfacing
  • Soudn detecting Robot, which can detect the noise of clap and perform commands.

    Overall, in the session, kids were very happy and excited because they were able to program a robot car by their own hands in a mere teaching of not more than 15 minutes, and they could command the Robot with their fingers.

With the exact Same desire to spread the programming and robotics among kids, Vidya Robotics is committed to conduct more such programs and activities. Call us if you want to arrange robotics session in your club/groups.

Start Experimenting!!!